Hybrid Microwave
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Harmony Radio
Industry’s only all-outdoor microwave solution with software-selectable evolution from hybrid TDM/packet to full-packet transport.
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Harmony Radio Lite
Harmony Radio Lite is a sub-6 GHz point-to-point microwave solution, providing cost-effective and easily deployed wireless connectivity for rural deployments, government, and private networks, vertical industries and mobile backhaul.
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Harmony Hub
Designed for small and large microwave hubs with up to 12 radio direction and 16 Gbps switching capacity, the Harmony Hub 800 provides multi-service aggregation, advanced Ethernet services and synchronization support.
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Harmony First Mile 200
8 Gbps switching capacity, combined with E-LINE and E-LAN services, advanced QoS mechanisms, performance monitoring, fault detection and robust clock recovery.
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Harmony Trunk
High capacity long-haul microwave transport with high power transmission and a simple software-enabled migration from full-TDM to Hybrid TDM/IP to full-IP.